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TaRuta / Ukraine

The ensemble TaRuta from Kyiv is a leading representative of the Ukrainian world music scene.

The group’s original sound and energy mean that within six year of their foundation, they were twice winners of the Ukrainian music festival Chervona Ruta. TaRuta is also popular at international festivals, including Poland’s “Z wiejskiego podwórza” held in the village of Czeremcha in the Podlasie region.

The group’s founders and leaders are the folklorists and ethnographers Ievgen and Olena Romanenko. They are accompanied by acclaimed professional instrumentalists. TaRuta defined their sound during their first appearance at a major international music festival: Dreamland in Kyiv in 2008. Two years later, they released their debut album “Born in Love”, featuring beautiful songs originating from folk traditions and performed in the traditional style, rooted in a powerful, spirited rock energy.

After a change of line-up in 2012, the group decided to polish its sound and open to more contemporary musical experimentation. The result was the second album, “Ethnolab”, presenting new arrangements and ideas. An important element is piano improvisations by Roman Kolyada and electronic sounds generated by DJ Igor Liodin.

In late 2013, at the time of the Euromaidan events, the group played an active part in the demonstrations and did what they could to support the protesters. As a result, in spring 2014 TaRuta recorded and published a new EP entitled “Celestial Hundred”.

Ievgen Romanenko - vocals, guitar
Taras Kozak - drums, percussion instriuments, xylophone
Rostislav Mamadloikov - guitar
Oleksandr Atamas - bass guitar
Igor Liodin - DJ, beatmaker, sound producer
Yaryna Tovkailo - folk wood instruments
Roman Kolyada - piano


The concert took place in 2015.

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