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Tamara Obrovac & Transhistria Ensemble / Croatia

The artist’s work is ethnically inspired contemporary Mediterranean jazz, influenced by many musical traditions and dialects, especially those associated with the Croatian coast of Istria. “Jazz is freedom for me and roots are my inner truth,” says Tamara Obrovac, composer and flautist from the Croatian town of Pula. She is one of the most original artists on the European ethnojazz scene.

The artist will appear at the head of the Transhistria Ensemble. Its name refers to culture and tradition (Histria is the ancient name of Istria), and it offers a unique and passionate musical journey through time and space. The band’s discography consists of well received albums – both studio and concert. The international quintet, which has been operating for over a dozen years under Tamara’s leadership, brought together artists from all “Istrian” countries: not only Croatia, but also Slovenia and Italy. The strength of their joint creation are unique interpretations of the vocalist against the background of extremely harmonious and unconventional instrumentalists.

The attention of the audience and reviewers is drawn to the excellent cooperation of the members of the group, who offer music that is both sophisticated and full of lightness, disciplined and spontaneous. The leader has also had various other artistic experiences. She led, among others, an original trio and quartet, cooperated with Georg Kusztrich. Transhistria Ensemble’s latest album is Live @ ZKM, released last year.
Tamara Obrovac – vocals, transverse flute, compositions
Uroš Rakovec – guitar, mandola
Žiga Golob – double bass
Fausto Beccalossi – accordion
Krunoslav Levačić – percussion

The concert took place in 2019.

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