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Tamara Obrovac & Transhistria Ensemble (Croatia/Italy/Slovenia)


Composer, vocalist and flutist. One of the most important artists of the Croatian music scene connecting in an original way elements of traditional music of the Istria Peninsula (where she was born) with elements of jazz (nomination for BBC World Music Awards in 2005). Beyond concerting in her country and abroad, she composes music for theater plays, cartoons, films and musicals. She also takes part in an international music project „Balkan Winds”. She recorded four albums: „Triade” (1996), „Ulika” (1998), „Transhistria” (2000) and „Sve pasiva / All fades away” (2002). On the stage she's charismatic, humorous and improvising, while having great contact with the audience. Her music, completely original and autochthonous, goes beyond the borders of time and space and becomes universal artictic message, making Tamara Obrovac an unique artist with her own unique way of musical expression.


30.07.2005, 7:15 PM, Main Square

30.07.2005, 11:00 PM, Rotunda

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