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Sutari / Poland

Three girls – a modest formula and unbounded, exuberant musicality, the joy of being on stage, the joy of singing. The members of Sutari trio arouse Polish and international audiences’ enthusiasm. They have concerted in many countries around the world, captivating the lovers of traditional music and contemporary alternative alike.

Their poetic and at the same time anarchic creation, full of wisdom and humour, earned them a large group of fans. They became known for their ”kitchen avant-garde for three female voices and instruments of everyday use”. They are coming to Krakow to celebrate the premiere of their new, long-awaited second record titled Osty (Thistles).


Sutari is a group of three artists operating on the order between music and theatre - Basia Songin, Kasia Kapela and Zosia Zembrzuska. The group had its debut in 2012 at the New Tradition Polish Radio Folk Festival and were granted the Jury’s 2nd Prize and the audience’s award. They also won the 10th edition of the Battle of the Bands competition organised by one of the greatest publishers of world music – World Music Network. Their debut album Wiano (Dowry), released in 2014 was widely acclaimed. In autumn 2015 the group appeared at the greatest international world music fair WOMEX, and a few months later at the international Folk Alliance in Kansas City, US. Sutari was one of the few Polish and European groups to have recorded a music session for the iconic American KEXP radio. In August 2016 the group participated in an artist residency in Brazil, where they were enjoyed great interest from the Polish community in Brazil and the local music circles.

Osty is a musical story somewhere in-between a fairy tale and real life. The artists tell us about events which are multidimensional like the thistle. – because the thistle is both a beautiful and useful plant with medicinal qualities and a prickly weed. We can hear about various shades of love, longing, fear, feeling lost, the struggle for dignity and the pursuit of freedom. The artists say: ”In our inspirations we remain faithful to the sources of Polish traditional music, reaching to the archives of the Polish Radio and the Polish Academy of Sciences and reviving Oskar Kolberg’s collections. On the record you will find melodies from Kujawy, Wielkopolska and Masovia. You will also hear our own compositions which draw from folk music and enter in creative dialogue with it”.

Photo by Piotr Spigiel

The concert took place in 2017.

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