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Jan Słowiński, the 'Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism'

On September 5th, the award ceremony for the recipients of the title 'Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism' took place. This award is given to non-governmental organizations and individuals who actively promote intercultural dialogue through initiatives that promote cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity, as well as the integration of Krakow residents and foreign communities. The title is awarded by the Mayor of Krakow upon the recommendation of the Multiculturalism Committee.

Heartfelt congratulations to the President of the Rozstaje Association, the creator and director of EtnoKraków/Rozstaje, and co-founder of the Strefa club (StrefaEtno, StrefaJazz) on the prestigious title awarded by the Mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, upon the recommendation of the Multiculturalism Committee.

Warm congratulations to all the co-recipients! This year, the title of Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism was awarded in the following categories: in the 'Non-Governmental Organization' category - the Willa Decjusza Association, represented by Director Dominika Kasprowicz, and BISC Krakow - British International School of Cracow. In the 'Individuals' category, the award recipients were Jan Słowiński - President of the Rozstaje Association, Director of EtnoKraków/Rozstaje, and Jolanta Jurusik - a teacher at Primary School No. 7 in Krakow.

"I was delighted by these strong nominations from the cultural community, both for Janek and his family, who have been creating a hub for encounters in Krakow for 25 years, at the crossroads of various religions, languages, and musical sensitivities. I was also pleased for the Willa Decjusza Association, of which I am also a member, and it was a joy to celebrate this success with the current and former team. It's a good feeling to sense and understand this continuity because it is a condition for growth and fruition. Botanically speaking, from A to Z. (...) Multiculturalism is like the building blocks of coral reefs and botanical gardens. Many of the plant species in this Krakow garden are perfectly adapted to the fickle Krakow weather—centuries-old trees, rare flower specimens, palms, citrus trees. Multiculturalism is a prerequisite for beautiful and diverse cities. Therefore, organizing the Gala of the 'Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism' pleases me immensely, as it creates horizontal associations, connections, and impressions. (...) To the laureates, I extend my heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for their botanical approach to the world. Diversity in the forms of flourishing above all else!" - Robert Piaskowski

[ fot. Katarzyna Masior ]


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