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Dear Friends of the EtnoKraków/Crossroads Festival,

meeting, dialogue, openness - in terms of music, art, and above all: on the interpersonal level - these are the basic values that have been guiding the development of the EtnoKraków / Crossroads Festival for over twenty years. The new criterion, which we have been trying to signal for several years, and which is now taking on a special importance, is co-responsibility: for each other on an individual and global scale, and for the environment in which we live and which we co-create. The current mission of the festival: artistic and educational - should also be permanently connected with another task of equal rank: building empathy - on a social scale. We have postponed the date of this year's edition of the festival to the second half of August. We will confirm the date as soon as it becomes possible - when we will be sure that the festival can be held in safe conditions for everyone. We cannot also rule out a different, later date and a new formula of the festival adapted to the circumstances. With good wishes for your health and our imminent meeting at the Crossroads. In 'real world' and online. In (Ethno)Kraków and in (Eco)Kraków, Jan Słowiński Festival Director EtnoKraków / Crossroads


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