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Balaklava Blues | Kijów_Kraków / The Ukrainian Music Scene 2023

The first concert of the Kijów_Kraków 2023 project is behind us. The Ukrainian-Canadian trio Balaklava Blues performed on the stage of the Strefa club in Krakow.

This is already the second edition of the Kijów_Kraków project, whose main goal is to showcase various bands from traditional Ukrainian and Polish musical circles, representing diverse styles and genres. This year, the first event in the series took place during the EtnoKraków/Rozstaje 2023 festival and included workshops on Ukrainian songs from Polesie Równieńskie, led by Ludmiła Wostrikowa. On August 18th, we had the opportunity to attend a concert by the Balaklava Blues band at the Strefa club. We warmly invite you to the upcoming events as part of the Kijów_Kraków project!

Balaklava Blues is one of the most active representatives of the Ukrainian cultural front, supporting Ukraine on a global scale since 2014. They describe their creativity as folk-noir - surreal music without skin, made up of bones and nerves. It is music that will leave a mark on the map of history as the voice of Ukraine's resistance and international unity. Positioned somewhere between traditional song cycles and full multimedia techno-shows, Balaklava Blues experiments with Ukrainian polyphony and other musical genres.

The band was founded by a Ukrainian born in Toronto and a Ukrainian from Kyiv. Mark and Marichka met on Maidan in 2014. They started a family and initiated several very important and recognizable projects in Toronto, both musical and theatrical. The war in Ukraine is an integral part of their lives – both brothers are on the front lines. Members of Marichka's family perished in the suburbs of Kyiv. They were able to help others find shelter in Canada earlier. Raising funds for Ukraine through their musical activities is now their daily work.

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Kijów_Kraków / scena muzyki ukraińskiej | 2023 :: organizerr: ROZSTAJE: u Zbiegu Kultur i Tradycji. Association :: funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the National Centre for Culture program: Culture - Interventions. Edition 2023


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