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Port Mone (Belarus)

(24.07.2011, 11:00 PM, Rotunda)


French aesthetics and Slavic sensitivity. The Belarussian trio consist of: Aleksiej Vorsoba (accordion), Sergiej Kravchenko (drums) and Aleksy Vanchuk (bass guitar). Inspired by minimalism of French avant garde musician Yann Tiersen (famous of creating a soundtrack of the movie „Amelia”), now they eagerly go by themselves on a musical trip into the world of magic realism. The music of Port Mone is instrumental sketches of intimate and deep color. They draw from domestic folklore and Middle East music. They like to improvise, but also eagerly go with the melody. Creative concept of the band is chasing general chaos and ordering it into ascetic arranges and simple forms. Because of smooth theme changes and transformations of acoustic space, compositions are open for a listener and mesmerizing. Port Mone aims to make the audience feel their music as a suspended everlasting moment, to sink deeply into it, rediscovering themselves in the centre of swirling chaos.

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