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Okros (Hungary)


"Starting from childhood, each separately at the beginning, then we wandered together - we played through all its lands, and seeing its views and beauty, we are its admirers. During our trips, we noticed with great joy that these very different people living in different places undoubtedly have one thing in common - hospitality. Our good memories and the hard work of the organizers are still calling our team to Poland, which we are happy to meet."

[Csaba Ӧkrӧs]


Band members:

Csaba Ӧkrӧs - violin

Miklós Molnár - violin II

Róbert Doór - double bass

László Mester - kontra

Kálmán Balogh - cimbalom

Agnes Szalczes - vocals


The concerts at the Festival took place:

Galeria ZPAP Sukiennice (Main Square 1-3), July 28, 2000, during the opening of the exhibitions: Roma / Transylvania / Podkarpacie (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM)

Main Square, July 29, 2000, 8:00 PM

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