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NEON (Poland)

(29.07.2010, 11:00 PM, Fabryka)


NEON was founded in 2008 with a plan to create music that is free from (more or less strict) musical genre specifications. Songs of NEON are a mixture of sounds „taken” from various musical areas. Stanisław „NE” Słowiński and Adam „ON” Stępniowski are inspired by: Royksopp, Squarepusher, Republika, Depeche Mode, Mouse on Mars, Stanisław Soyka, Oszibarack, Miron Białoszewski, Stanisław Wyspiański, Moon landing of American mission „Apollo” and so many other people and events, that it's hard to count. NEON sound is a connection of house/trance/electro with alternative music. And also original compositions for the lyrics of Miron Białoszewski and Stanisław Wyspiański. Currently the NEON duo is working on the material for their first LP album. On the album will also appear compositions inspired by Witkacy's prose. First single: „Narkotyki” is already available at:


Band members:

Stanisław Słowiński – vocals, keyboards, electric violin, samples, bass

Adam Stępniowski – vocals, keyboards, percussion instruments, gramophones

featuring: Miłosz Skwirut – double bass

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