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Muzicka  (Slovakia)


The band was created in 1990 in Bratislava; in their art they try to explore the music of different regions of Slovakia and to maintain true colours of the original versions.


They say about themselves: „Who are we? - we're enthusiasts of our own traditional music; we're trying to play it as good and as often as possible: for the audience, friends and our own pleasure. Music was born through the ages always accompanying everyday emotions. From the baptism, till the funeral – this is a space, where she was created, by describing deepest human sorrows and joys. We're trying to preserve its „spirit”; by playing with full commitment for dancing and for listening, we believe, that this is the way to make it last for ages”.


Tomas Brunovsky – 1st violin, primist

Ladislav Fekete - 2nd violin

Martin Brunovsky – viola

Ludovit Kovacik – basolia

additionally: performance of Fero Morong and dance group Draguni


Concerts: 19.07.2003, 3:30 PM, Main Square

night of 19/20.07.2003, 1:00 AM, Festival Club: Hala T. G. SOKÓŁ (Piłsudskiego 27)

Workshops: 19.07.2003, 1:00-2:30 PM, Festival Club: 

Hala T. G. SOKÓŁ (Piłsudskiego 27)

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