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20.08.2020  20:00  concert  Strefa club

Anna Witczak, famous for her appearances in Dikanda, and Mustapha El Boudani, a nomad from Morocco, decided to enter the stage with a joint project following years of friendship and musical practices. ​


The duo offers a music journey, a dialogue of different cultures that unveils shards of history of the world’s nomads, passed from times immemorial from generation to generation. Both the world music and Moroccan artists are inspired by the music of the Sahara; the lyrics are sung in hassaniya dialect, and speak of nature, love, people, animals, and of stars and the desert. Anna Witczak-Czerniawska has for 15 years been a charismatic vocalist of Dikanda, the band she also plays the accordion and orchestrates for. She has played hundreds of concerts in Poland, in Europe, and also in India. Mustapha El Boudani was born to a large, traditional, nomadic family, and hails from the southern part of Morocco. He is a vocalist, guitarist, and percussion player; he plays the karkabat castanets and dances. In Poland, he has participated (among others) in the Górale na Saharze – nomadzi w Beskidach project. He loves the Sahara, but he has also come to love the mountains of the Beskid Śląski and Żywiecki. 

Anna Witczak-Czerniawska –vocals, accordion 

Mustapha El Boudani – vocals, guitar, percussions

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