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Maria Siwiec / Poland

One of the most notable guests of this year’s Crossroads festival is Maria Siwiec, an outstanding Polish folk singer. The artist from the village of Gałki Rusinowskie knows hundreds of local songs and is one of the leading vocalists in the local ensemble. She enjoys passing on her extensive knowledge to her many pupils. She also continues to work on her farm.

She has always lived in Gałki Rusinowskie in the Kajoków microregion, where she learned to sing as a young girl from elder villagers. Her distinctive voice and performance style make her adaptations of hundreds of songs and mazurkas unique. She is the leader of the ensemble Gołcunecki, which has been awarded many prestigious prizes. She frequently appears on Polish Radio Two and she has recorded several albums. Meeting her is an unforgettable encounter with the purest source of traditional Polish music. During the festival, Maria Siwiec leads workshops of traditional songs.


The workshops took place in 2015.

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