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Ludmiła Wostrikowa / Poland

Ludmiła Wostrikowa, an ethnomusicologist, a singer with a unique, mellow voice, a great and experienced teacher. She's an organizer and participant of many field studies and ethnomusicological expeditions to Polesie.


Ludmiła Wostrikowa was born in the village of Rokitne in Polesie, in the Kowalczuk family, where traditional songs have always been sung. She received extensive knowledge from her parents about the traditions of her region. With time, she began to document them, first around her hometown, then around all of Polesie. In 1997 she graduated from the folk music department of the State University of Humanities in Równe. Since 1999 she has been a leader of the well-known in Poland ensemble Horyna.

Polesie Równeńskie is a land where the tradition of white singing is still alive, and songs, in non-stylized and unprocessed form, are performed by all generations on a regular basis. During the workshops we will sing mostly ritual and lyrical songs. The detailed program will be adapted to the composition and preferences of the group.


Ludmiła's workshops are primarily dedicated to people who already have some experience in white singing; of course, as always, Ludmiła will adapt the level of workshops and the way they are conducted to the level and expectations of participants.

The workshops took place in 2019.

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