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Kwartet Jorgi (Poland)

(27.07.2011, 7:00 PM, PWST)


Maciej Rychły has studied and teached psychology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan, but one day he decided to change his entire life. He went on the road, searching for meetings and sounds. He went through Carpathian Mountains – Polish, Ukrainian and Balkan, learning how to play from folk artists. He came back to the country with a „bagpack” full of original musical themes. Together with his brother, Waldemar Rychły, he founded Kwartet Jorgi in 1982, specializing in ethnic sounds, mostly from Poland and Ukraine, but using also inspirations from Celtic, African, jazz and classical music. The key role is played by improvisational parts. The artists describe their style as „green wave music”. Separate section of Maciej Rychły's art is instrument reconstruction. He worked on recreation of early medieval aerophones (his works in this topic were published by Polish Academy of Science) and in 1993 together with an archeologist and historian Witold Migal he built an ancient instrument called „lithophone”, using bone and stone tools and working in blocks of neolithic flint in the old mine near Opatów. Since 1990 artist has devoted himself entirely to music, resigning from teaching at the university. He worked on soundtracks of many theater spectacles, for example famous „Metamorfozy” of Theater Practises Centre in Gardzienice and many films: „Ballada o człowieku spokojnym”, „O myśliwym i leśnym duchu”, „Szepty wiatru”, „Litofon”.


Band members:

Kuba Pogorzelski – djembe

Waldemar Rychły – guitar

Janusz Brych – soprano saxophone

Maciej Rychły – shepherd's instruments

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