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Kimmo Pohjonen (Finland)

(18.07.2013, 9:00 PM, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki / Malopolska Garden of Arts)


Kimmo Pohjonen. A visionary with inexhaustible energy; one of the most respected Finnish musicians. He studied at the department of folk music at innovative Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. After many years of experience with various musical genres, from classics, through rock and folk, to the avant-garde - he has developed his own unique style. Kimmo Pohjonen is an accordionist who expands the potential, sounds and scale of the instrument to a level never achieved before. Each performance of this musician-performer is a unique event, built on the basis of the sound of a five-row accordion, vocal illustration and special effects, surround system and lights. Kimmo also deals with sound effects, composes and records music for films, dance and ballet performances, he has participated in many projects; he has co-played on over fifty albums of other artists. His solo activity is intertwined with spectacular projects carried out with other artists, including the Kronos Quartet (joint album "Uniko"), Samuli Kosminen (Mum), and members of the King Crimson group.


"To call Kimmo Pohjonen an accordionist is a bit like saying that <<Encyclopaedia Britannica>> is a book..." ["The Herald" / Scotland]

"Musically splitting, theatrically surreal. (...) Shamanic trance. Possessed. I was afraid that he would break the accordion on the stage. Uncompromising artistic genius; unique, multidimensional show. Shameless, surprisingly eccentric. I have not experienced similar emotions for many years." []


Band members:

Kimmo Pohjonen – accordion, vocals

Tuomas Norvio – sound engineering

Antti Kuivalainen – lights

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