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Korolev - Galczewski - Biel / Ukraine/Poland

Korolev – Gałczewski – Biel is a trio of instrumentalists from Ukraine and Poland. They offer their audiences broadly understood folk music, inspired by many traditions from different parts of Europe.

Their repertoire includes works from many regions of the continent. The folk and ethno music they play is filled with enthusiasm, spontaneity and pure joy, and they never shy away from hints of improvisation.

Anton Korolev is a multi-instrumentalist, known from bands such as Mashala Doza, Etno Hysteria Umeuropa Caravan and Balquemia. He claims that since he was a child, he liked various forms of noise, which is why his songs are based on the sounds of bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and violin. He loves cats and sandwiches with lard. 

Jan Gałczewski is also a multi-instrumentalist, known for his work with Beltaine, Apathetic Turtles and Sprinkle Blizzard. He admits that since childhood, he has been interested in Irish pubs in their historical and cultural context, local brewing companies, and in string instruments, which is why he plays Irish buzuki and bagpipes. 

Michał Biel is also a musician known for his many projects. He, in turn, confesses that since childhood he has been interested in art in a broad sense, as well as in marine mammals. He specialises in whales and playing drums. 

Anton Korolev – hurdy-gurdy, French bagpipes, violin
Jan Galczewski – bagpipes, buzuki 
Michał Biel – cymbals

The concert took place in 2018.

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