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Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa

Torgeir Vassvik

Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa, feat. Torgeir Vassvik - NORD (Poland/Norway)

(20.07.2013, 9:00 PM, Main Square)


The band has existed since 1997. Its repertoire includes, among others. contemporary interpretations of traditional music in the Mazovia region. In the band's instrumentation we can hear traditional instruments (violin, dulcimer, baraban, frame drum), but the band's domain is modern sound; musicians do not shy away from fusing traditional sounds with DJ productions. The strength of the band are the concerts that they have played hundreds of, mainly outside Poland. The band has recorded six albums and gained many prestigious awards at Polish and foreign folk festivals. They debuted with the album "Hop Sa Sa" (1998; live recording in the Studio of Polish Radio); the album "Wiosna Ludu" was awarded by the European Broadcasting Union; subsequent releases: "Wykorzenienie", "Wymiksowanie" and "Infinity" have won Fryderyk Awards. The band's newest album is "NORD". Released in 2012 in Poland (by Karrot Komando) and Germany (by Jaro), it immediately gained excellent reviews and ratings from broadcasters, including Top of the World Album (British "Songlines"), 2nd place in the September edition of World Music Charts Europe, Quarterly Award of the German Phonographic Critics in the World Music category. In terms of arrangement and performance solutions, Kapela has been inspired and refers to the style of the Scandinavian world music scene from the very beginning of its activity. Album "NORD" is the crowning achievement of many years of the band's activities, symbolically marked by the participation of Swedish ensemble Hedningarna in recording the album.

"NORD" at the Rozstaje/Crossroads Festival 2013 is a premiere: a clash of the Scandinavian style of Kapela with the charismatic Norwegian Saami singer – Torgeir Vassvik. Nordic inspirations of Polish Kapela and the energy of the original.


Torgeir Vassvik (Norway)

Torgeir Vassvik comes from Gamvik (Finmark county) - the northernmost point in Norway. He creates music on the border of genres, successfully combining his own compositions, traditional songs of the Saami people: "joik" and the sound of the accompanying shamanic drum with the technique of Siberian guttural singing. In Norway, he has established himself as one of the most innovative avant-garde musicians. He collaborates with many outstanding Norwegian jazz musicians. Both his debut album "Saivu" and the next one: "Sapmi" (2011) are receiving excellent reviews.


Band members:

Magdalena Sobczak Kotnarowska – vocals, dulcimer

Sylwia Świątkowska – vocals, violin, Płock fiddle

Ewa Wałecka – vocals, violin

Piotr Gliński – baraban, percussion instruments

Paweł Mazurczak – double bass

Maciej Szajkowski – frame drums, percussion instruments

Mariusz Dziurawiec – soundmaster

Miłosz Gawryłkiewicz – trumpet

Torgeir Vassvik – vocals, shamanic drum

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