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Kapela Maliszów / Poland

One of the greatest discoveries on the Polish music scene in recent years, they are a family band that inspires all listeners with open minds and hearts.

The band comes from Męcina Mała in the Low Beskids, and was founded by multi-instrumentalist Jan Malisz and his children. They are inspired by the traditional music of the region: the dancing and singing from around the Gorlice district. The Kapela Maliszów band play traditional instruments – violin, bass and drums – in an archaic way, but with a degree of freedom, joy and improvisation. This is not an educational version of old tunes.

They have been successful in the Old Tradition competition, at the Festival of Singers and Folk Bands in Kazimierz, at New Tradition, Mikołajki Folkowe, and the Polish Highlanders’ Folklore Festival. In the spring of this year, in the studios of Polish Radio they recorded the album entitled “Mazurki niepojęte” featuring sixteen tracks, released in June. These recordings fully reveal the richness and originality of the band: on the one hand the traditional subjects, and on the other original compositions forming an organic, thrilling and inseparable whole.

It is worth mentioning that the violin and baraban the musicians play are family heirlooms which they inherited from Jan Malisz’s father, Józef. He also gave his son the fundamentals of playing the variety of instruments that surrounded him in the family home. The band is also involved in the construction of instruments, making violins, basses, hurdy-gurdies, nyckelharpas, fifes and many others in Jan’s workshop.

Jan Malisz - violin, bass, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, vocals
Kacper Malisz - first violin, bass, nyckelharpa
Zuzanna Malisz - vocals, bass, drum

The concerts took place in 2015.

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