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Kapela Maliszów / Poland

One of the greatest recent discoveries of the Polish music stage. A family band which captivates all listeners who have open minds and hearts. The group came to Krakow to present their new, much expected record.

They come from Męcina Mała in Beskid Niski. The band was set up by the multi-instrumentalist Jan Malisz and his children – Kacper and Zuzanna. They draw inspiration from traditional music of their region, i.e. dances and songs from the Gorlice area. They play music in a traditional, archaic way on the violins, the bass and the drums, but allow themselves for some freedom, joy and improvisation. It is more than conscientious re-creation of old tunes.


They were a success, winning the 1st Prize and the audience’s award – Old Tradition at the All Mazurkas of the World Festival in Warsaw and the 1st Prize at the Festival of Folk Singers and Bands in Kazimierz. In 2014 they stood to the competition at the  New Tradition Festival, arousing the audience’s enthusiasm and the Jury recognition. Kapela received the 2nd Prize, and Kacper Malisz a special award (Golden Fiddle) for the best instrumentalist. Also in 2104 the group won the 1st Prize at the Folk Santa Festival, and Jan Malisz the 3rd Prize in the multi-instrumentalist category at the Festival of Polish Highlanders’ Folklore in Żywiec.

The concert took place in 2018.

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