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Jorgos Skolias & Bronek Duży (Poland)


The style of this duo cannot be classified to any specific music cathegory. It is a synthesis between different musical genres, in which the most important is the inspiration by folklore and its diversed rhythms and colours. In the music of the band we can find blues mood, ballad narrative and soul vocal expression, based on the rhythmical pulsation of the trombone.

"Project of the duo Jorgos Skolias – Bronek Duży contains totally unbelievable music. It's hard totell anything about specific style, genre references or actual music profile. It is absolute openness – formal and conceptual – no limits, full spontaneity, free improvisation (…), inspiration by roots ethnic music, generic, almost primal folklore, which becomes somewhat of a frame for different improvised acts..."

[Andrzej Winiszewski, „Jazz Forum”]


Jorgos Skolias (Poland)

Vocalist, composer; the musician searching not only for an individual formula for the use of human voice in music, but also for an inspiration in the domain of blues, jazz, rock and ethnic music: from Greece, through Africa, to India. He studies old vocal techniques in result of which he mastered the technique of harmonic singing (simultaneous singing of three voices). His parents were Greek political refugees; he was raised in international and multicultural youth environment. He worked with a lot of bands, such as: Nurt, Grupa 111, Spisek Sześciu, jazz-rock formation Krzak, also with Osjan and Young Power. He has explored new visions of music working with Radosław Nowakowski, bands Tie Break, Pick Up and Free Cooperation, and also Tomasz Stańko, Terje Rypdal, Nikos Touliatos, Bronisław Duży. He participated in many recordings of theatre and film music.

Bronisław Duży (Poland)

Instrumentalist, arranger, composer (15 years on the jazz scene), graduate and professor on Academy of Music in Katowice on the Jazz and Popular Music Department. He uses the techniques of playing the trombone that goes beyond the capabilities of the instrument. He was honoured with the scholarship of K. Komeda; for years he's been ranked as one of the best trombone players in the country by the annual „Jazz Top” contest, organised by „Jazz Forum”. He cooperated with formations: Sesja 80, Free Cooperation, Pick Up, Twinkle Brothers, Irek Dudek – Blues Band and Symfonic Blues, Young Power, Priest and Big Cork, and also with Jorgos Skolias and Bogdan Precz.


Duo act: 29.07.2005, 6:00 PM, Barbakan

Solo act - Jorgos Skolias: 28.07.2005, 10:15 PM, Rotunda

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