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Jacky Molard Quartet / Brittany, France

At the head of the group is Jacky Molard – one of the icons of traditional Breton music scene. He plays violin, guitar, and bass, and has delighted audiences all over the world and inspired his countrymento seek inspirations in their own culture for years.

Born in 1961, he made his stage debut as a teenager. The audience remembers him with such bands as Gwerz, Pennou Skoulm and The Jacky Molard Acoustic Quartet. Gwerz is one of the most important groups that functioned in Brittany. Jacky Molard with his talent and musical charisma exerted a decisive influence on the original sound and artistic quality of the band.

The artist has also played in other groups, often together with Erik Marchand – for example in Taraf de Caransebes. He is also a respected composer and producer. Together with Erik Marchand and Bertrand Dupont, Molard created the renowned label Innacor Records, recognised as the best world music Breton label in 2005.

Jacky Molard and his groups are guests at internationally prestigious festivals. He is happy to conduct workshops, sharing his experience and skills. He is a tireless promoter of Breton culture.

The Molard Quartet plays sophisticated arrangements, a wealth of pulsating rhythms, and memorable melodies.

Jacky Molard - violin, viola
Hélène Labarrière - double bass
Yannick Jory - saxophone
Janick Martin - accordion


The concert took place in 2015.

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