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Homayoon / Iran

The group plays mystic music based on Sufi traditions and poetry of the greatest Sufi poet, known to the world as Rumi (Jalal ad-Din Muhammad ar-Rumi). Poetry in the original Persian language is enhanced by the sound of such instruments as ney (flute), daf (frame drum) and tonbak (wooden drum). Homayoon creates classical Persian music, set in Sufi tradition.

The leader of the group Mohammad Rasouli who plays the ney is a highlander from northern Iran (environs of Gorgan). He was born in summer 1351 following Iranian solar calendar (1972). He graduated from the Academy of Music in Tehran. He studied the ney, the tar (long-necked lute) and the tonbak (or zarb, a percussion instrument). He has played the ney since 1991. After graduation he continued his studies under Mohammad Ali Kijaninejad and Hasan Kasai. He learned traditional Iranian music from Majid Kiani. He concerted a lot in Iran. He thought the ney in music schools in Tehran and Gorgan. He has lived in Poland since 2004. He played with the Musical Safety Pin Philharmonic Orchestra, Łódź and Katowice Philharmonics, Sinfonia Baltica and the Krakow Beethoven Orchestra. He created the group PersoPolish, to which he invited Polish and Iranian musicians.

He also concerted a lot in many countries outside Poland and Iran. He released the album Ney. Solo Persian Classical Music. His playing can be heard on the following records: Maria Pomianowska’s Chopin na 5 kontynentach (Chopin on 5 Continents), Siedem pieśni Marii (Seven Songs of Mary) composed by Bartłomiej Gliniak, cooperated with Kayah and her Transoriental Orchestra. He participated in the creation of soundtracks for films: Szukałem was, Wino Truskawkowe (composer: Michał Lorenc) and Trick (composer: Paweł Mykietyn). He regularly runs Persian music workshops focused on Sufi poetry. He teaches ney playing technique and the system of Persian classical music. He gives concerts with invited guest musicians and runs workshops in the Museum of Asia and Pacific in Warsaw.

Mehran Mehrnia is a Persian classical musician composer, Tar and Setar player. He was born in 1969 in Hamedan, Iran. From the 1981 he started studied on Setar and later on Tar after many years working and learning higher level of Persian classical music with Maestro Mohammadreza Lotfi he started teaching and did many research on those instruments. He established Homayoon in 1991. He was researching and reconstructing on old songs and melodies and wrote many articles in media about music during all his research apart of teaching Tar and Setar in his music institute he is teaching at the Tehran Music conservatory. He is regularly giving concerts in Iran and European countries.

Tayeb Emamgholi was born in Sanandaj in Iran. He started his daf lessons at the age of five. He cooperated with renowned composers such as Ustad Ahmad Pejman, Fariborz Lachini, Nasir Razzazi and vocalists: Ostad Seddigh Tarif, Hess al din Seraj, Hurvash Khalili, Ghasem Rafati. He also released his author’s record.

Omid Samari plays the tonbak. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Tehran. He specialises in percussion instruments. He cooperates with many ensembles.

The concert took place in 2017.

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