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Grup Tayf / Turkey

Tayf in Turkish means “spectre”, “spectrum”. The legendary band with the same name was founded in Ankara in 1992.

The group, comprising six musicians, are continuing their musical path that started more than two decades ago. They combine a unique blend of Turkish folk elements and influences from the musical traditions of Central Asia. The musical motifs from the thousand-year cultural heritage of Great Anatolia performed by Grup Tayf in their recordings, and the gripping and soulful interpretations, are clearly of universal value. The band members also appear with many different groups supported by Turkish radio and television.

The vocalist Tuğba Ger also plays the yaren, the most sophisticated version of the most important Turkish folk music instrument – the baglama (a long-necked lute popular in the Middle East and Central Asia). Aside from the yaren, the group’s instruments include wonderful and multi-toned but technically extremely difficult string instruments: tar, baglama and kabak kemane, and also wind: kaval and sipsi, and percussion instruments.

They have toured many countries around the world. They broke up in 2012, and are now reactivating.

Murat Akcay
Ömer Hayri Uzun
Ferhat Erdem
Suat Kus
İhsan Mendes
Tuğba Ger

The concert took place in 2015.

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