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Filip, Vojta, Mikulas / Czech Republic/Brittany, France

Filip, Vojta, Mikuláš. Breton music collides with minimalist jazz. And then there’s the ostinato. A memorable, hypnotic encounter of three musicians of different origins with danceable melodies from the lands of rain, fog and mysteries. ​And then there’s the ostinato. Vows, strings, voice and stories. And then there’s the ostinato.

Dances from Upper Brittany seem easy. Indeed, anyone can dance them, but they contain hundreds of years of human experience within themselves. The artists will try to show them in all possible and exciting aspects. As a social entertainment, as a collective experience in building bonds, and finally as a source of natural movement concepts that will allow participants to enjoy dance in a very dynamic and communal way.

The workshop will be conducted by the Czech musician Mikuláš Bryan, known for his solo project, Mr. Folxlide, and live music will be played by his collaborators Filip and Vojta.

The concert took place in 2019.

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