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Dikanda / Poland

Great dynamism, spontainety and musicality, brilliant references to various cultural traditions and a feeling for stage have brought Dikanda which has operated on the folk scene for two decades a crowd of fans. This crowd grows after every concert.

The group is no doubt a Polish folk classic, but its concerts meet with an even warmer reception abroad. The artists have successful records to their credit, but live concerts are what they like the best – good news for the festival audience!

Dikanda focuses on the authenticity of style, in constant pursuit for new inspirations . Most of its pieces are original compositions. It draws musical inspirations form traditional, folk sound of the broadly understood Orient – from the Balkans, through Israel, Kurdistan and Belarus, to as far as India. The Balkan and the Gypsy sound can be best heard in the group’s music. The ensemble was set up in 1997. Its debut record, titled Muzyka czterech stron wschodu (Music from the Four Sides of the East) was released in  2000 .

Today the group’s discography contains seven records – including DVD Live in Zakopane, recorded in the Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane. The ensemble has given hundreds of concerts (chiefly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as Russia, India and the US). The artists received many awards including the Record of the Year, awarded by German ”Folker” magazine in 2005 for their album Usztijo. Dikanda’s concerts are very emotional journeys of ethnic sounds, spontaneous meetings brimming with energy, charisma and true emotions. A characteristic feature of Dikanda is the creation of new words in the lyrics, an in this way the group’s own language– ”Dikandish” has been created. The most important thing for Dikanda’s creation is their message, focused on the relationship between the artists and the audience.

The concert took place in 2017.

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