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Dakha Brakha (Ukraine)

(24.07.2011, 8:30 PM, Main Square)


The world emerged from chaos. The music emerged from human soul. „Ethno” and „chaos” - these are bases of words, from which the world of music comes, diversed in its rhythms, but cognizable in the sounds of domestic music – world that is surprising, awaited and new. When we work on reconstruction in the circle of ethnic music, we go back to the roots. But can we certainly say, what are those roots? Especially when you're a part of urban culture, where every installment of authenticity is usually fake. Old Ukrainian „dacha bracha” means „to give and to take”. The band consist of: Nina Horonecka, Iryna Kowalenko, Aleksandra Harbuzowa, Ołena Cybulska (all from the group Krałyci) and Marko Hałanewycz. „To give” is simple. „To give” music, joy, celebration, full spectrum of emotions, feelings and thoughts, which live music and singing brings. „To take”: these musicians for over 10 years has been working in Ukrainian traditional music, they seek for and write down songs, during many trips in Ukraine. In the same time – by coming from Kiev – they cultivate rural tradition in an indirect way. It allows them for freedom of not submitting to often artificial canons of ethnic music. They get energy from domestic culture and cultures of other countries. Themes that are European and oriental, ancient and modern, Christian and Muslim. Their instruments are: Indian tabla, Buddhist gong, cello, maracas, Russian brushes. Avant garde and sacred songs. Carefree and pathos, ecstasy and trance. Full space of human emotions.

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