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DagaDana (Poland/Ukraine)

(27.07.2011, 9:00 PM, PWST)


DagaDana is Polish-Ukrainian trio, connecting various musical styles. They mix jazz, folk and electronics and create unique language of the band. Full of humour concerts show that it is a kind of music, that makes happy either listeners, or the artists. Warm vocals, live modulation of voice, brave plastic sounds, trance double bass and use of childish instruments are DagaDana's recipe for enchantment of a listener by sounds that you can't get enough of.

Multi-cultural project, who is loved by every listener that is open to Slavic soul – crazy on the one side, gentle on the other one. The first album of the group was appreciated by many reviewers and Phonographic Academy, which has awarded the debut album „Maleńka” with the Fryderyk Award in the cathegory of Folk / World Music Album of the Year.

Daga Gregorowicz (Poznan), Dana Vynnytska (Lviv) and Mikołaj Pospieszalski (Częstochowa) are musicians working in various music genres – from classical music, to breakbeat. They have met while experimenting with jazz at the workshops of International Summer Jazz Academy in Krakow. They prove with their attitude that distance and borders between countries are no obstacle for the music. It is her – the music – connected with friendship, which brings people together.


Band members:

Daga Gregorowicz – vocals, electronics

Dana Vynnytska – vocals, piano

Mikołaj Pospieszalski – double bass, violin

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