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Czeremszyna (Poland)


The band was formed in November 1993 on the initiative of Barbara Kuzub-Samosiuk. It consists of people living in and around Czeremsza - a small town in Podlasie. Podlasie is a specific region, the influences of various cultures (Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian) clash here, which is reflected in the band's repertoire. It includes mainly folk dialect songs arranged for accordion, mandolin, guitar, bass-balalaika, sopilka (a sort of Ukrainian flute) and drums. The band has performed in many Polish cities and abroad: in Italy, Germany and France. Czeremszyna is the organizer and host of the Festival „Z wiejskiego podwórza”, an annual event presenting the culture of different nations (its seventh edition took place in June 2002).


Concert as part of the festival: July 20, 2002, 4:00 PM, Main Square

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