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Buduj a Woloj (Poland, Podhale)


The band of Podhale music of Jan Karpiel Bułecka from Zakopane is made up of a group of friends who have been playing since childhood, performing at numerous family celebrations as well as prestigious concerts and festivals abroad. The band's repertoire evokes, alongside the old instruments (bagpipes, pipes, thrombits, zlobcoki, violins), many forgotten melodies and songs from Podhale. The band members collaborated with the quartet of Zbigniew Namysłowski (joint album and Fryderyk '95 Award). Jan Karpiel's band has recorded many cassettes and CDs (released by Polish Radio - Warsaw, KOCH Publishing House - Austria).


Band members:

Jan Karpiel Bułecka - vocals, violin, zlobcoki, pipes, thrombites, bagpipe (koza)

Stanisław Michałczak - vocals, violin, shepherd's instruments

Jan Zatorski - vocals, basolia

Wojciech Topa - vocals, violin


The concert took place at the Main Square, 29 July 2000, 2:00 PM

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