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Bachu Khan (Rajasthan, India)

(20.07.2012, 8:00 PM, Main Square)


Premiere concert of the outstanding artist and his band in Poland. Bachu Khan is a famous singer who comes from the Lang community of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. Famous for his high, guttural, rustic voice, Bachu Khan sings in the local Marwari language about loss, separation, the joy of regaining his beloved; he tells the magical love stories that are an integral part of the culture of Rajasthan. Accompanying artists from the same community play instruments such as: sarangi (Indian string instrument called "the hundred-color instrument"), murli (a type of flute), surnai (woodwind instrument), algose (double flute), morchang (jew's harp) and khartal (metal castanets). Darbari music was traditionally performed during ceremonies and rituals commissioned by the so-called "patrons" (yajaman) who come from the local Muslim sindhi-sipahi community. Bachu Khan is an internationally recognized artist - he has performed (as Musafir and Dil Mastana) in Germany, England, Japan, USA, Canada, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Hungary and others, and has collaborated with world music celebrities such as Natacha Atlas, Duquende and Antonio "El Pipa". Archaic - vocal and instrumental musical tradition of Rajasthan; vibrations of darbari - music performed for centuries by camel traders. Bachu Khan and his musicians will take us to the heart of Thar - the largest desert of India.


Band members:

Bachu Khan – vocal solo, khartal

Edu Khan – khartal, vocals

Sikander Khan Langa – sarangi, algose

Pempe Khan – dholak

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