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Arcus Poloniae (Poland)

(22.07.2012, 6:00 PM, Radio Krakow – courtyard)


Arcus Poloniae - Maria Pomianowska's ensemble; the world's first orchestra of reconstructed Polish „belly” violins; previously unknown sounds in music, resulting, among others, from the timbre of the reconstructed Polish instruments and their juxtaposition with folk, classical and exotic instruments. The Arcus Poloniae ensemble presents a selection of the most beautiful and interesting folk and court songs and dances, which are a treasury of tradition and a source of inspiration for other Polish composers, headed by Chopin and Szymanowski. The repertoire is drawn from historical sources, scientific documentation and travels through Polish villages, bearing fruit in collections of folk songs and dances.


Band members:

Maria Pomianowska – vocals, Płock fiddle, Biłgoraj suka, Mielec suka

Marta Sołek – Biłgoraj suka, Płock fiddle

Helena Matuszewska – vocals, Biłgoraj suka

Olena Yeremenko – Płock fiddle, mura-harp

Iwona Rapacz – bass suka

Bartłomiej Pałyga – vocals, Płock fiddle, basolia

Paweł Betley – flute

Dima Gorelik – vocals, plucked instruments

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