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Adam Strug


Adam Strug & Kwadrofonik / Poland

The joint work by Kwadrofonik and Adam Strug – “Requiem Ludowe” – is one of the most important phonographic events of the year. During the Kraków festival they will be introducing completely new material.

The concert by Adam Strug and Kwadrofonik will consist of a cappella Kurpian lyrical songs and instrumental commentaries on them. Unlike the previous joint work by these artists, the “Requiem Ludowe”, singer Adam Strug will not be handcuffed by the rhythmic and harmonic instrumental development. The audience will get to know the original, conservative practice of singing. Its characteristics are different scales from those used today and the different internal time from ours – decidedly slower – of this amazing music. The instrumentalists from Kwadrofonik will develop the musical themes given by the singer autonomously. Their commentary is born out of admiration for the genius composition of the songs from the Kurpian forest and with a longing for the lost paradise of natural, tribal musicality.

Kwadrofonik won the Polityka Passport for 2014. The classically trained, searching, improvising musicians made their debut at the New Tradition festival in 2006, winning the Grand Prix. In subsequent years they have released the marvellous album “Folklove”, and with Dorota Miśkiewicz “Lutosławski. Tuwim. Piosenki nie tylko dla dzieci”. They have also worked on an endless succession of projects, including music by Stravinsky, Szymanowski, and Reich.

Adam Strug is one of Poland’s most original singers, an outstanding interpreter and expert on Polish folk song, especially Kurpian music. He also records and releases albums with his own songs. “Adieu!” won the title of Folk Phonogram 2012. His latest album “Mysz” was recorded in collaboration with Wojciech Waglewski.

Adam Strug - vocals
Emilia Sitarz - piano
Bartłomiej Wąsik - piano
Magdalena Kordylasińska - percussion instruments
Miłosz Pękala - percussion instruments

The concert took place in 2015.

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