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A Filetta / Corsica

We know that memory is very important, but for us, the certainty that our music still reflects the lives of many people, often changing them, is also essential”, said the members of the band in an interview. An exciting, centuries-long tradition of Corsican vocal polyphony performed passionately and soulfully by A Filetta gains extraordinary power and delights audiences around the world. At the head of the group is the charismatic Jean-Claude Acquaviva.

A Filetta is one of the best vocal ensembles in the world. In their work, they draw directly on the most beautiful Corsican singing traditions – among the most unique and valued in Europe. The group has functioned for nearly four decades. A significant part of their repertoire, alongside traditional Corsican songs, are vocal religious works. The artists also create their own compositions, inspired by tradition.


A Filetta was established in 1978 by Michael Frasatti and Jean-Claude Acquaviva. In naming their group, they referred to a type of fern that grows in Corsica. The great tradition of polyphonic song was cultivated in Corsica for centuries. After World War II, as a result of the confluence of many circumstances – including depopulation – these traditions began to fade. They were reborn thanks to the great efforts made in the 1970s by a group of enthusiasts, among whom were members of A Filetta. It is to these enthusiasts that critics ascribe the contribution to reminding people about this form of singing and its popularisation.


They have worked together for over 35 years, giving thousands of concerts. They are open to various inspirations. They made their debut in 1981 with the album Machja n’avemu un altra. Their discography includes over twenty albums, both with their own music as well as film music. Among these are highly rewarded and warmly received by reviewers Ab Eternu, Una Tara Chi He, Passione, and Requiem. They have recorded music for theatre, opera and film, including Eric Valli’s Himalaya. A few years ago, they released a record with jazz trumpeter Paolo Fresu and bandoneonist Daniele Di Bonaventura. Jean-Claude Acquaviva has also worked with Maciej Rychły, on music for Lear’s Song by the Wrocław Song of the Goat theatre, which brought the authors awards at the prestigious theatre festival in Edinburgh.

Members of the group:

Jean-Claude Acquaviva
François Aragni
Paul Giansily
Stéphane Serra
Jean Sicurani
Maxime Vuillamier

The concert took place in 2016.

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